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I perform excellent dent removal in Long Island, NY. It is very easy for a car’s metal casing to dent. The slightest impact from another car door can produce an unsightly dent that ruins the entire aesthetic of your vehicle. The appearance of a car is a lot like a painting—when there is an imperfection on it, the viewer’s eye is drawn right to that spot. Ensure the integrity of your vehicle remains intact with my services.

Car Dent Express - Automotive Repair utilizes a wide variety of methods depending on how severe the dent is. Small to moderate dents can be fixed with suction tools. By sealing off the area of the dent, and adding pressure to pull air away from the surface of the vehicle, the dent pops out. Depending on how long the dent has been left untreated, there might be an outline of wear around the perimeter of the injury. I can fully remove that as well.

My collision dent removal is used for big cave-ins that are caused by an accident. Car Dent Express - Automotive Repair has a dent puller for this work. I drill a hole in the center of the dent, then attach metal rods on the inside surface through the aperture. I seal up the hole to prevent the metal rods from slipping off. I then pull on the metal rods until the dent is removed. The service ends with me seamlessly covering up the drill hole.

For the worst of the worst of dents, mobile auto body repair is done with a mallet. I remove the section of the car with the dent, take off the metal casing, and hit the underside of the dent with a mallet to straighten it out. All of my repairs completely remove dents without damaging anything else in the vehicle.

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