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Car Dent Express - Automotive Repair is an ideal provider of automotive touch up in Long Island, NY. When it comes to making your car look great for as long as possible, it is much more convenient to regularly schedule touch ups as opposed to getting one big restoration. With my touch ups, I travel to your location and examine your vehicle while fixing up all the minor issues that come with normal driving operation. This guarantees that these minor issues do not turn into glaring eyesores.

Car Dent Express - Automotive Repair provides automotive touch up services for car dealerships. It is common for display cars to experience color fading after sitting out in the sun for an extended period of time. My auto paint repair makes the hue of your vehicles bright again. Given my wide array of colors and mixing abilities, I can perfectly match the tone and saturation that is on the vehicle.

It is important to make sure the cars you showcase to potential customers are in pristine condition. Schedule Car Dent Express - Automotive Repair to come to your facility once a week to remove any dents or chips in your products.

One of the most frustrating things to experience as the operator of a beloved automobile is a scratch. The only way to get rid of a scratch is by painting over it. Car Dent Express - Automotive Repair understands that most clients who want to paint over a scratch do not want a full auto paint restoration. Unless specified otherwise, my paint scratch repair only treats the affected area, granting you a fast and affordable fix.

Drive with confidence with my car touch up paint work.

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